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PidgiWiki:How can I help?

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Scour the web and find the best quality Pokémon artwork available!

  • Create categories for each Pokémon.
    • You can see needed categories here. Don't recreate deleted pages, they're gone for a reason.
    • Correctly categorize files that have incorrect categories.
    • Remove flight categories from images if they have it.
    • Find any files that have Category:Sugimori art, Category:Ohmura art, or Category:Unno art, and change "art" to "artwork".
  • Look for and upload higher quality images of any currently uploaded images. They must be better in quality and/or size, however.


  • Upload and convert images from the Dropbox folder.
    • (If you don't know what this is, or don't have access, contact immewnity.)
  • Delete any Flight categories.

immewnity (the webmaster; just so you know what's going on in his head)

  • Get the freakin' server fixed.
  • Get the freakin' server fixed.
  • Transfer files from "server" computer, "old" computer, and the netbook.
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