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PidgiWiki:How can I help?

on PidgiWiki, the video game media repository

Did you know that you can help PidgiWiki? Regardless of your knowledge or financial situations, there are ways you can help PidgiWiki that benefit you!


The core of PidgiWiki is contributing! Built on the same wiki principle as Wikipedia (and even using the same software), PidgiWiki is community-driven. That mean you can upload, categorize, and move files, and even join in the discussion on PidgiWiki projects and policies, among others.


PidgiWiki has started a Patreon to help us cover server costs (and keep PidgiWiki ad-free), obtain artwork discs, and purchase additional assets. You can find the campaign at . Every bit helps!


We buy, thanks to the funds raised through our Patreon! If you're in possession of any press kits, artwork CDs, or in some cases even print materials that could help PidgiWiki, send a message to immewnity. We might very well be searching for something you have!

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