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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Why is there an FAQ?

A. To answer questions like that one.

Q. Isn't this site illegal?

A. Nope! We pride ourselves in doing things as legal as possible. The vast majority of the content on PidgiWiki was sent to us by Nintendo themselves or their partners, and as such, PidgiWiki is just about as legal as fan sites can get (because of copyright laws and such).

Q. Can I be an admin?

A. If you help out a lot around here, the administrative board will make you an admin if they see you as responsible enough.

Q. How can I help?
Q. How are spoilers handled?

A. As per an executive board decision on 25 March 2013, characters should be called by their promotional names. If no promotional name appears to be available, use the name known prior to a revelation in the storyline.

Q. I'm uploading files according to the guidelines pages, but someone edits the files to a different naming style. Why?

A. My bad! Our documentation is unfortunately a bit outdated. We're working on updating them, but some parts still have old information. For the time being, just go with the flow, I suppose. Sorry!

Q. This piece of artwork was released with two different games at different times, which should it be categorized under?

A. In such a case, the artwork should be categorized under the first game it was released with.

Q. What does "Error creating thumbnail:" mean, and how do I fix it? It showed up when I tried to load this image.

A. We're not exactly sure what it means; we think it's some sort of memory issue. However, this can usually be remedied by refreshing the requested page. If that doesn't work, contact the webmaster.

Q. What do I do when I think something should be deleted?

A. If you are not an admin, please put {{delete}} on the page that you think should be deleted.

Q. Why did somebody delete a file I uploaded just to replace it with one with another file extension?

A. Generally when this happens, it's from a previously uploaded JPEG to a new PNG. These PNGs are usually taken right from the source, as opposed to JPEG files which have been compressed. On the offchance that it's from a PNG to a JPEG, the usual cause is because the PNG was simply too large (File:Unova - Pokemon Black and White.jpg is about 8.52MB. If it were a PNG, it'd be around 40MB huge size difference!)

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Alternatively, you can contact an admin about your question. <comments />

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