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Original Japanese Game

  • Producer: Tsunekaz Ishihara
  • Original Game Design: Tsunekaz Ishihara, Kouichi Ooyama, and Takumi Akabane
  • Game Development: Creatures, Inc.
  • Art Direction: Milky Isobe
  • Special Thanks To: Satoshi Tajiri, Ken Sugimori, GAME FREAK inc.

English-Language Version

The Pokémon Company International

  • General Manager: Kenji Okubo
  • Director of Production: Richard Simpson
  • Project Coordination: Yasuhiro Usui
  • Production Coordination: Russ Foster and Traci Thomson
  • Translation: Tim Hove
  • Game Development: Mike Fitzgerald and Yasuhiro Usui
  • Rulebook Writing: TPCi Editing Staff and Dylan "ExoByte" Mayo
  • Editing: Michael G. Ryan and Eoin Sanders
  • Art Direction: Eric Medalle
  • Graphic Design: Kevin Lalli, Kumi Okada, and Erica Wong
  • Card Typesetting: Roy Kauffman
  • Packaging Illustrations: kawayoo
  • HS—Undaunted Logo: Eric Medalle

  • Special Thanks To: Creatures, Inc., The Pokémon Company, The Pokémon Company International, and Nintendo of America Inc.

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