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immewnity (talk) 14:38, 1 March 2016 (UTC)

RE: High quality card scans

Hello! Welcome to PidgiWiki. I'm glad you found your way here!

I've got lot a fair amount more Black and White era cards to be uploaded, but unfortunately, not a whole lot of Diamond and Pearl era. Since cards have a very interesting categorization scheme (I couldn't just say "Snivy - Pokémon TCG Black & White", for example, since there are two cards in the set), I've been holding off on uploading cards until I've figured out a good way of naming and categorization - though let's face it, it's more procrastination than anything else. I'll try to get more uploaded soon, and made easier to search through!

As far as where the cards are from, that varies widely. The images technically aren't scans, they're the original images before the cards are printed, so that's why their quality is so great. Japanese and Korean cards are hit and miss from PDF versions of rule books. I no longer get the high resolution French cards that I used to get, though I still think there are some I haven't uploaded. English cards are direct from Pokémon in one way or another (generally press emails), but lately, they've been scaling down the card images really small. I have an alternative source for English cards that gives quite nice (~1024px tall) images of every single playable card, but it's a pain to get each card, so I'd need to devote a week or so to get the images.

I hope this helps, and again, welcome to PidgiWiki!--immewnity (talk) 14:38, 1 March 2016 (UTC)

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