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I will return ~June 23.

Welcome to my user page where you can find out all the information you ever need about me.

About Me

Hello and let me introduce myself. I'm Vhayes1992 (real name Vince) and I have watched the anime since it's Canadian debut. I became an instant Pokemon fan back in 1998 when YTV aired the very first episode. The next few days after that, everyone in my class couldn't stop talking about the show. I remember running for home to catch Pokémon everyday at 4:00 PM to see if Ash had become a Pokémon Master yet. On April 14, 1999 (my birthday), I received my first Game Boy which was a green Game Boy Pocket along with Pokémon Red. At first I didn't like the game as it was all about strategy, but after a while I got hooked on it. In the same year, I asked my father to go see Mewtwo Strikes Back and we did near Christmas with my cousins. I noticed that people in my grade 2 class started to dislike the Pokémon anime when Pokémon: The Adventures in the Orange Islands came around. Most complaints I remember was that they didn't like the new opening and that Brock was gone. I too did not like that changes but still watched the anime to see when Ash would become the Pokémon Master he wanted to become ever since the first episode. At around this time, I had given up on my Pokémon Red game as I had mainly only used Charizard and the rest of my party was weak. Despite this fact, I had asked for Pokémon Stadium for my next birhtday in order to play Pokémon in 3D. I was hooked for a little while and then lost interest in the game. The next year YTV had aired Pokémon: The Johto Journeys and my likings for the Pokémon anime had fully come back as it had a catchy new opening and more importantly, Brock came back! Subsequently, I had asked for Pokémon Silver for my birthday of 2001 and got it. I played all the way through and beat the game (the first Pokémon game I had ever beaten). The Christmas of 2001, I had received Pokémon Puzzle League and couldn't stop playing that game. Up to now I still play that game. Unfortunately after the 4th season of the Pokémon anime, I lost interest in Pokémon altogether. I stopped playing my games and if the anime just happened to be on the TV, I'd watch it just because there was nothing better on TV at the time. Fast forward to 2007. My brother came up to me and said the voices of the Pokémon anime are completely different. I though he was just joking with me, but I casually walked to the TV expecting the same old same old but it hit me like a brick wall. The anime had changed completely. This had surprised me and my interest for the anime had somewhat came back. My interest was reattained for the simple reason as to see how well the anime would be after the changes. Then the Diamond & Pearl series came around on YTV and ever since the series premiere, I have now become a Pokémon anime fan again. In 2011, I had decided to register here at PidgiWiki as to contribute whenever I could. As being a member here, I will try to contribute when I find the time. I am able to extract images from PDF files. If you need any help and are lucky enough to catch me here on PidgiWiki, I will try and help you out. I have been a member since January 12, 2011.

My Pokémon related works outside of PidgiWiki

I spend some of my time making renditions of the Pokemon franchise music. Below are a few links directing you to my scores.
My YouTube Channel
My best music cover in my opinion

Contact Info

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