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User:Da braviary/sandbox

on PidgiWiki, the video game media repository
This is Da braviary sandbox, so everything here is under construction and unfinished.

Series List

List of Series
Icon Series Subseies
Super Mushroom - New Super Mario Bros 2.png Mario series List of Mario subseries
Logo EN - Pokemon Y.png Pokémon series List of Pokémon subseries
Triforce - The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds.png Zelda series None
DK Barrel - Donkey Kong Country Returns.png Donkey Kong series List of Donkey Kong subseries
Logo - Wii U.svg Wii series List of Wii subseries
Logo EN - Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.png Super Smash Bros. series None
x30px Star Fox series None
K.K. Slider - Animal Crossing New Leaf.png Animal Crossing series None
Kirby - Kirby Triple Deluxe.png Kirby series None
Logo EN (beta) - Yoshi's New Island.png Yoshi series List of Yoshi subseries
Sonic - Sonic Lost World.png Sonic the Hedgehog series None
Pikmin - Pikmin.png Pikmin series None
Ness - EarthBound.png EarthBound series None
Samus Aran (alt) - Metroid Prime 3 Corruption.png Metroid series None
Chibi-Robo (alt) - Chibi-Robo! Photo Finder.jpg Chibi-Robo! series None
Layton and Luke - Professor Layton and the Unwound Future.png Professor Layton series None
Logo EN - Bayonetta 2.png Bayonetta series None
Logo EN (alt) - Bravely Default.jpg Bravely Default series None
Mega Man - Mega Man 9.png Mega Man series None

Administrators & Trainers

Username Status Position
immewnity(talk) Active Webmaster
Pika3323(talk) Not active Head Admin
Da braviary(talk) Not active Vice-Webmaster
YoshiKong(talk) Around
S2daam(talk) Not active
Ash Pokemaster(talk) Not active
Vhayes1992(talk) Not active
Icysugarspike(talk) Not active
PidgiBot Not living It's a bot. Don't contact it.
Do note that these administrators are not on all the time.
Leave your question on their talk page so that they can return your message.
Username Status Position
JB2448(talk) Around Located and uploaded images from the Pokémon Gallery Collection.
Takharii(talk) Not active Created many needed categories.

What is an Administrator

(Make better description.)

What are Trainers

Trainers are users that have contributed to PidgiWiki a great amount, giving them special rights, such as moving and protecting files.

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