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Here at PidgiWiki, we want all files uploaded to be easily accessible to anyone who wants to access them. This accessibility means that we must categorize and name all files with the same patterns. This page will aid in naming any files uploaded.

As you may have noticed, PidgiWiki is currently targeted to English-speaking audiences. While the website has a built-in language switcher accessible via the preferences page to change the interface layout, the content of the website is in English, meaning that files must be named in English.

General rules

There are a number of rules that must be put in place for general usage.

Naming basics

In general, use Subject name - Media name.ext as a template for file names, e.g. Pikachu - Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.png or Samus - Metroid Dread.png.


Accents and non-alphanumeric characters

Please do not use accents or most non-alphanumeric characters (e.g. é, è, :, ;, etc.) in page titles. This causes issues when trying to move files.

  • Spaces and underscores are allowed, but please note that underscores will be converted into spaces.
  • Hyphens (-) and apostrophes (') are allowed, but em-dashes (—) and single quotation marks (’) are not.
  • Regular parentheses are allowed, but brackets ([]) and braces ({}) are not.
  • Commas are allowed, but their use should be minimal if following the rest of the naming standards.

Files in another language/region

For images with language texts, put the two-letter language code at the end of the subject name, e.g. Logo JP - Pokemon Legends Arceus.png or Logo EN - Pokemon Legends Arceus.png for the Japanese and English logos of Pokémon Legends: Arceus, respectively. The language codes to be used are ISO 639-1 codes, listed here; if possible, however, use the region code listed here.

Box and package images

For box and package images, put the two-letter region code at the end of the subject name, e.g. Box UK - Super Mario Odyssey.png or Box NA - Super Mario Odyssey.jpg for the box images of Super Mario Odyssey in the United Kingdom and in North America, respectively.

  • If it is a Nintendo title and you know the three-letter region code used, use that instead (an attempt to catalog all of these regions can be found here).

Alternate artwork

If there are two files that would otherwise have the same name, add "(alt)" to the end of the subject name, e.g. Luminary (alt) - ⁨Dragon Quest XI Echoes of an Elusive Age.png. If there are multiple, add "(alt #)" to the end. Instead of using "(alt 1)", however, just use "(alt)".

Use a similar naming for artwork with specific alternate versions, such as Box (beta) NA - Pikmin.png.

Naming conventions

Additions and changes will be made to the following as needed.


  • Use the English name for any titles that have different names across languages. If a game has not released in English, use a romanized version of the Japanese name.
    • If a game differs in name between English releases (e.g. Pokémon Trozei! is the North American name, Pokémon Link is the European name), use the name used in the United States.


  • The word "Nintendo" should appear in the name of each Nintendo system, with the exceptions of the Wii (Wii U, Wii mini) and Game Boy (Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy micro) lines, as well as the Virtual Boy.


  • Due to inconsistencies on how amiibo are named/classified by Nintendo, please name images according to amiibo life in the format {Name} - amiibo {Series}, omitting any hyphens or other special characters. For example, the Animal Crossing amiibo card featuring Molly may be uploaded as Molly - amiibo Animal Crossing Cards Series 1.png, and the North American box for the Smallfry amiibo may be uploaded as Smallfry box NA - amiibo Splatoon series.png.


The Legend of Zelda

Donkey Kong



Pokémon forms/formes

To avoid confusion, please avoid using the terms "form" of "forme" at all when referring to Pokémon, so put the form/forme name in parentheses directly after the Pokémon name, e.g. Toxtricity (Amped) - Pokemon Sword and Shield.png.

This does not apply to regional forms/formes, as a more standardized naming scheme exists. Use the regional name such as Alolan, Galarian, and Hisuian before the Pokémon name, e.g. Hisuian Braviary - Pokemon Legends Arceus.png. Do not retroactively rename Pokémon that get new forms/formes - e.g., just use Rattata and not Kantonian Rattata.


  • The company is called SEGA, not Sega.

Sonic the Hedgehog

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