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Please use as many descriptors as possible. There will probably never be a situation in where all descriptors are used, and there will probably never be a situation in where no descriptors are used. In the case where multiple of the same descriptors are needed (a game being on multiple systems, for example), create a new line with that descriptor followed by an increasing number (for our example, we would have system, system2, system3, system4, etc.).

|description=Description of the file
|game=Game name (e.g. Super Mario 64, Yooka-Laylee, Nintendo Land, etc.)
|event=Event name (e.g. Pokémon World Championships)
|subevent=More specific event name, if applicable (e.g. 2016 Pokémon World Championships)
|tv-series=Television series name - if Pokémon, use the anime season (season number is preferred)
|book-series=Book series name, such as for manga
|movie=Movie name (if a Pokémon movie, use the movie number)
|set=Pokémon TCG set code (e.g. XY12)
|series=Game series (e.g. Pokémon, Animal Crossing, etc.)
|subseries=Game sub-series/spinoff series title (e.g. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, Luigi's Mansion, etc.)
|characters=Characters in the image (use {{char|Character name}} separated by commas)
|system=System name (e.g. Nintendo GameCube, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, etc.)
|language=Language name (e.g. English, Spanish, Japanese, etc.)
|artist=Artist's name (e.g. Ken Sugimori, Naoki Saito, Midori Harada, etc.)
|style=Art style (if for Pokémon, use official naming on art styles)
|purpose=Purpose of the image (Logo, Packaging, Artwork, Photograph, etc.)
|source=Source name
|sourcelink=Source URL (make sure that there is a http:// or https:// in placed in front of the URL, or else it won't work as it should)

There is also an alternate method of listing characters - instead of listing all characters in characters, you can list them in separate lines as character. For example, |character=Mario would be acceptable, and if another character is in the image, |character2=Luigi would work. Do note that the {{char|}} notation is not used in this method.

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