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Images relating to the 2nd set in the Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield series, Rebel Clash.


Original Japanese Game

  • Executive Producer: Tsunekazu Ishihara
  • Producer: Yuji Kitano
  • Original Game Design: Tsunekazu Ishihara, Kouichi Ooyama, and Takumi Akabane
  • Game Development: Creatures Inc.
  • Game Director: Atsushi Nagashima
  • Art Director: Kenichi Koga

English-Language Version

The Pokémon Company International

  • Producer: Kenji Okubo
  • Director of Production: Richard Simpson
  • Product and Game Development: Barry Sams, Yasuhiro Usui, Jim Lin, Dylan "ExoByte" Mayo, Kyle Sucevich, Nik Davidson, and Paul Peterson
  • Production Coordination: Russ Foster, Jay Moon, Doug Storms, David Hoskinson, and Ross Garrett
  • Project Management: Yoshi Uemura, Jen McNulty, Jeff Hansen, Noriko Tseng, Breon McMullin, and Ryan Stofer
  • Translation: Ben Regal, Bryson Clark, and Satoko Deas
  • Theme Deck Development: Kyle Sucevich
  • Elite Trainer Box Booklet Writing: Wolfgang Baur
  • Rulebook Writing: TPCi Editing Staff, Paul Peterson, Kyle Sucevich
  • Editing Coordination: Anja Weinbach
  • Editing: Hollie Beg, Wolfgang Baur, and Holly Bowen
  • Design Direction: Chris Franc
  • Graphic Design (Creative): Doug Wohlfeil, Adam Law, Kumi Okada, Cara Weiss, Anupa Patel, Huy Cao, Kevin Fish, and Tammy Vince Cruz
  • Graphic Design (Card Localization): Ginny Baldwin
  • Graphic Design (Logos): Kevin Fish and Adam Law
  • Booster Pack Illustrations: Hiroyuki Yamamoto
  • Theme Deck Illustrations: PLANETA Tsuji
  • Special Thanks To: Satoshi Tajiri, Ken Sugimori, Junichi Masuda, Shigeru Ohmori, GAME FREAK inc., Milky Isobe, Creatures Inc., The Pokémon Company, and The Pokémon Company International

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