Introducing Burstcade

Introducing Burstcade, a site dedicated to Pokkén Tournament PidgiNet is excited to announce an new addition to our network, Burstcade. Burstcade is a website focused on fighting games, currently dedicated to the Pokémon fighting game Pokkén Tournament. We are hoping to provide articles, videos, and most importantly news. Check out the site at Burstcade ...

Introducing The JCC!

27. January 2014 Pokémon, Site news, TCG 0
After years of delay, we’ve finally launched The JCC! The JCC is not your average Pokémon TCG database. All card data is text searchable and text clickable, and you’re able to see all this information laid out just like a normal card. Let me demonstrate. Here’s Snivy from the Black & White expansion: As you ...

An apology

25. January 2014 Site news 0
Hello all, I’m sorry that there hasn’t been much activity on here – I’ve been very busy with schoolwork and just plain life. There probably still won’t be much activity until the summer, when I’ll have a lot more time on my hands. Until then, my greatest apologies for lack of content. PidgiWiki has been ...

Pokémon Espace joins as an affiliate

18. May 2013 Site news 0
French Pokémon fan site Pokémon Espace has joined PidgiNet as an affiliate! Welcome, Pokémon Espace! We’ve reorganized our affiliation system, too – most affiliates, including Pokémon Espace, will now be categorized under “Friends”, while those sites that have continually gone out of their way to help PidgiNet excel are listed under “Partners”.

Happy Birthday, PidgiWiki!

02. February 2013 Site news 0
On this date three years ago, PidgiWiki was born. Happy Birthday to our main section! To celebrate this, we’ll be giving you another sneak-peek at the new section being worked on. Here’s a screen-cap of the card listing for Lugia-EX (Plasma Storm):