Q&A with The Pokémon Company International reveals new Pokémon game for 3DS

14. December 2012 3DS 0

EDIT: After some thought, it’s possible that this is in reference to Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Magnagate and the Infitite Labrynth. If so, this would confirm that game’s international release, not going the route of the WiiWare titles.

The distributor of the Pokémon Trading Card Game in South Africa, Core Gaming Systems, recently asked fans for questions to ask TPCi. Below are TPCi’s responses to those questions.

Luke Fluffy Verhave- Will South African (or African) Pokemon TCG players be allowed the same rights and considerations as other international players, especially those from the USA, Europe and Japan?

TPCi- Not in the 2012-2013 Premier Season. South Africa is a new market but the growth of such a market cannot be ignored. For this reason we have awarded South Africa one unpaid invite to World Championships in 2013 per age division.

Brian Murdoch- Do they play the game?
Who tests out the new cards before they are confirmed to release?

TPCi- These cards are converted from original Japanese and adapted. Noone at TPCi in the US or UK office directly decide what cards are to be included in a set, although the licensing team in the US has a large say.

Viktorsaurus Radermacherii- What will be different about the mainline Pokemon games on the nintendo 3DS? in other words, how will the 3DS enhance the Pokemon experience and what can we expect? a new gen or a re-make?

TPCi- While we cannot divulge any direct answers here, something is in develo[pment for 3DS that will incorporate the ability of the 3D on the console. It will be a new game- not a remake.

Shakeel Sayed- Can Pokemon Company International broadcast worlds to tv stations ?

TPCi- We unfortunately do not have the privilege at the current moment. We do however broadcast a live feed on the internet complete with commentary!

Ruan Pansegrouw- Is Ditto a failed clone of Mew?

TPCi- Funnily enough, this has always been a myth and none can officially answer this question